The Folklore of a Name

What is in a name anyway? In this case: So. Dang. Much! 

I had just gotten back from Mexico and was inspired to start a project that shared the type of travel experiences that I cherish and love with my community, the world, and basically, anyone who would look and listen. I also really love making websites for my projects like this, that and the next thing, so it was a win-win situation! Only thing was, I needed a name for this new project aaand it had to be perfect.

All I could think of were a combination of terribly obscure or ultra goofy names.

My friends were also good at coming up with not good names, my favourite of which was, "Gringo Girl Get-A-Ways"... Yeah, so after a good laugh, I was back to fretting about a name, and it was turning out to be really, really hard. After all, the name had to be broad enough to describe a cultural phenomenon but specific enough to feel personal and engaging.

I was looking for a name that encompassed a connected and celebratory style of travel that I had never commercially encountered before but that I knew would be a breath of fresh air in a sea of cookie-cutter travel offerings.

I wanted it to encompass travel that authentically accessed the intangibles of custom, ritual, and tradition alongside the tangibles of folk art, textiles, and food, all in a sustainable and personal way. I needed a name that, with a single word, could deliver all of this plus have room for my wild ideas to grow into.

I felt that my name was so essential to my brand that I couldn't really get started on meaningfully developing it, without one. I was at a standstill. I thought about using a Spanish word but there was just too much potential for miscommunication, after all, the language barrier can be really daunting when traveling and I wanted people to feel comfortable saying the name. 

One day after feeling tired and frustrated, I decided to pull out one of my old coaching tricks. I said to myself aloud, "If you already knew what the perfect name for this project was, what would it be?" Without missing a beat I blurted out, "Folklore!"  

Folklore - FB Banner.jpg

It was so perfect I got shivers all over my body! It contained all the mystery and invitation I was seeking while putting a firm spotlight on culture, tradition, and myth. Also, the word is the same in Spanish and English. Even the definition is perfect:

Folk·lore /ˈfōklôr/: 1) The traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community passed through the generations by word of mouth. 2) A body of popular myth and beliefs relating to a particular place, activity, or group of people.

I was in heaven! But not so fast... I have lots of great ideas, which means I also have a handful of not so great ones from time to time, hard to believe I know. It was time to shop this name around and get some opinions. I asked around to some of my Mexican friends and they explained the phenomenon of "Folklore Mexicano" to me. It is the term they use to describe everything they miss about home while living/traveling abroad. BINGO! Further investigation brought back more positive feedback and thus, a brilliant new brand of travel was born.

So, now you know what is behind the name, Folklóre Travel... and yes, I just threw that accent in for fun!