The Folklore of Divine Intervention

Ummm quick question: Do you believe in miracles? Full disclosure, I totally do... that said I also have a fiercely skeptical streak. 

Why do I ask? Well, I took a last minute international trip this year for the first time in my life… and it was game-changing, bordering on miraculous in fact...

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The Folklore of Freedom

I’ve been without my passport and my 35mm camera for the past two weeks and it has me feeling restless and uneasy.

I don’t have immediate plans to go traveling abroad yet still, there is something extremely alluring about the potential of last minute travel. Knowing that the essential groundwork has been laid to pick up and set sail at the drop of a hat is an incredible freedom I don't take lightly...

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The Folklore of Psychedelic Cumbia and Chicha Music

Folklore Mezcla #1 - Cumbias y Chichas Sicodélicas

This handpicked selection of psychedelic Latin American 'Discos Funetes' is the first of many folklore inspired mix-tapes to come in the "Folklore Mezcla" Spotify series. Enjoy this broad-sweeping collection containing cumbias and chichas from the 1950's - 1980's out of Colombia, Peru, and México.

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