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Hey, sassy globetrotter.

You don't travel to just scratch the surface, throw up a few instagram stories and call it a day. You travel because nothing on earth makes your heart smile brighter or fills your soul with more satisfaction than an epic adventure in a foreign land... and yes, you better believe it will be well documented on instagram. 

I have a theory.

It's that great travel experiences act like a bridge between the person you have always been and the person you've always wanted to be.

Why? Because they extend an open invitation to expand your horizons, grow your perceptions, fortify your courage and reawaken your sense of awe and wonder... An invite, to be your true self on a grand scale. 

Wether you are looking for a fun filled weekend romp or an epic multi-continental, adventure saga, I'm here to help you bring your dream vacation to life - let me tell you how... 


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Personalized Itinerary Design + Booking


Your life is full and panning a dynamic and inspiring vacation, though it sounds fun, is just not something you have time for... You are dreaming of visiting new destinations and you want insider recommendations from someone who gets you and your travel style, to make the best use of your time. This is where I can help.

I'm a licensed professional travel curator, an avid traveler and a lover of all things folklore - I am perfectly positioned to help you plan your next vacation. Here is how I can help:

  • Destination research and recommendations

  • Personalized itinerary design

  • Flight shopping

  • Hotel, transportation and activity recommendations and booking

  • Destination specific workshop and classes

  • Supplier agent only promotions

  • Supplier foreclosure protection

  • Comprehensive travel insurance

Curated Small Group Travel Experiences


We offer two types of small group travel: our very own signature journeys to the rich, cultural heartlands of Mexico, and a selection of curated journeys led by our trusted partners to destinations all over the globe.

Our signature journeys are perfect for solo travelers, groups of friends, couples or anyone wanting to meet other inspired globetrotters, navigate complex destinations, or that may have safety concerns around going it alone. Our group sizes never exceed 16 people and are usually smaller. The duration of our trips range in length and inclusions. The trip packages are constructed of:

  • Visits to Pueblos Magicos and UNESCO sites

  • Pre-columbian archaeological sites

  • English-speaking coordinator and local guides

  • Authentic, well appointed boutique accommodations

  • Workshops and experiences revolving around experiential local activities such as culinary classes, folk art, textiles, architecture, natural wonders, traditional practices, music, dance, and history

  • Sustainable tourism practices that enrich and give back to the communities in which we visit.

my travel story

Born and raised on a homesteading farm in northeastern BC, my curiosity and passion for exploration were cultivated and nurtured from a very young age. As a young girl, the wilderness was my universe and I spent every waking moment exploring and interacting with it. With a Dutch immigrant father and an Irish-Newfy mother, I was exposed to the robust tapestry of Maritime and European cultures from a young age. 

Post - February 1949 - Illustration by Constantin Alajalov

My mother, ever the explorer, rode her bicycle across Canada at 18 years of age and instilled in me this same wanderlust and passion for the unknown. She would take my younger brother and I on backroads adventures that would make the modern helicopter parent blush. From dirt road access only Mexican villages to multi-day backcountry hikes, I learned to connect to nature and culture through people, art, food, folklore, and tradition. 

At 17 I traveled throughout western Europe for 3 months before entering University to study Spanish. Two years later I moved to a small coastal Mexican village and fell even deeper in love with the culture and way of life. I came away from my year in Mexico a fluent Spanish speaker and a raving fan of the Mexican people, their culture, and way of life. 

Flash forward quite a few years later, I'm still a voracious traveler exploring off the beaten track Mexico yearly, together with a rotating cast of other international destinations. Combine that with an all over the map entrepreneurial track record as a life coach, event planner, communication specialist, marketer, project manager, photographer, and writer, and I'm just the person you want looking after your next worldly adventure, be it big or small.

My skills, combined with those of my brilliant Personal Travel Management family, cover the entire globe ten times over and will change the way you travel forever, for the better.

I really want to meet you. If you're game, click below and tell me about your travel wish list. I run my business because I love helping others connect with the travel experiences that are meaningful and rewarding to them.

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